1. P

    Inferior guy pulled a knife on me , how do i overcome shame ?

    Hi everyone . So a year back , i was snacking in a public market , when a young guy in he's early 20s joined the snacking ; Then this clumsy young adult came in and was probably on recreational drugs , with 2 long scars across his cheeks. After this , the young guy suggested politely to the...
  2. Invisibleflash

    A knife would be useful...

    I keep my tactical folder in my pocket most of the time. In NYC can't have any part of knife show, also knife can't be opened with 1 hand. So I go with neck carry. Neck carry would be better for this job I think. What do you advise if no knife? Kubaton also is illegal in NYC. Maybe a tactical...
  3. Christopher Adamchek

    Snippets of Combat Archery Training [Fun]

    Some clips from combat archery practice with my students after karate class. Targeting, finding cover, dodging projectiles, and thwarting an armed attacker. This was a really fun day. Bow and arrows from Woarchery.
  4. A


    Search out in Youtube a video about Russian Krav Maga. It looks beyond belief. And I have a question, of course. Does it work and exist in reality or Krav Maga is applicable only for videos? Wanted to start Krav Maga but I'm not sure if it is not just a waste of time. Especially, for girls...
  5. O

    Just fell in a weapons gold-mine looking for advice.

    Hello everyone, Recently I stumbled upon what appears to be a weapons gold mine. This Sword-smith from Ocotlan, Oaxaca, Mexico just moved in next door I Googled this Ocotlan place and it turns out that there is a rich swordsmithing history there, they do everything from functional historical...
  6. Isaiah90

    Why Filipino martial arts will get you killed in self defense

    I explain why FMA will get you beaten or killed in self defense. Wrong mindset - FMA train for fights, not self defense. FMA were used during a time of war against the Spanish. The claims that FMA helped Filipinos defeat the Spanish during the Philippine revolution are exaggerated. If you...
  7. I

    Against striker, kicker, wrestler, knife, stick, chain, multiple opponents

    Hi Guys, I wish to examine and get your thoughts on certain topics 1-7. In Our Systema we ask students to practise and show their work of the following: (as part of their exam) 1. work against one striker (e.g. boxer type) 2. work against one kicker (e.g. kick boxer, taekwondo guy) 3. work...
  8. WW3 Combatives

    Knife from WW3 Combative's

  9. NinjaChristian

    Planning for a Knife attack

    What is a good concealable weapon to counter a knife attack? I am considering buying a baton of some sort, interested in the extendable. Would a baton do well against a knife? I could also carry a knife, which would be less conspicuous since where I live most people carry knives simply out of...
  10. A

    Trening with street Fighter, (Kung Fu vs Jeet Kune Do)

    I spent a couple of hours of training with a street fighter, a big fan of Bruce Lee. It turned out quite interesting, because we did not staged scenes and assorted variety of combat situations. A fan tried to attack me constantly surprise attacks :) I showed my system, this is the Kungfu that...
  11. A

    Sipalki Jumeog Bi kwan

    Hi from Argentina I wanna show you a knive's video.I'll you enjoy it