1. R

    Kicking technique in Praying Mantis Kung Fu

    During my time at University, I learned kickboxing from Wutan, UK which I believe is based on Praying Mantis Kung Fu. Master Liu Qun Kiao taught They Soon Tuan who brought Wutan to the UK. The eldest disciple of Liu Qun Kiao, Fou Tien Kok, was appointed as a teacher of martial arts and as...
  2. Ivan

    Is it viable to duck/bob and weave underneath kicks to dodge them?

    We've all seen in action movie fight scenes where characters manage to slip and duck underneath kicks the same way a boxer might bob and weave underneath punches. But I've never seen this applied in real life, and I've never had the courage to try it in sparring as I didn't feel I was fast...
  3. Ivan

    Optimal amount of time for training techniques daily?

    A while ago I made a post about the possibility of training for 6 hours daily. Clearly I had forgotten about the timeless adage about quality over quantity. Up until that point, I had been attempting to (unsuccessfully) go on diet/regime which involved skipping dinner, as well as practising my...
  4. Ivan

    Clicking on back of knees when stretching/kicking?

    In the past 3-5 months, I have noticed clicking on the back of my knees when I begin my stretching or kicking. When it comes to kicking, this usually only happens if I haven't stretched or warmed up properly, on the leg which I am using as support, NOT the one I am kicking with. As for...
  5. D

    Kicking question: Combing Strength Training with Flexibility training.

    Hey guys, this is a Taekwondo related question because it will involve high vertical kicks. In a book I read called Ultimate Flexibility by Sang H Kim, he talks about how doing high kicks involves not only kicking drills but resistance and flexibility training. The question I want to ask is...
  6. andyscriven

    A cool kicking drill to improve your roundhouse kicks

    This is a drill use myself and teach at my school. It helps strengthen your hips muscles, improve balance and flexibility.
  7. andyscriven

    Strength & Conditioning for improving kicking technique

    I use a variety of drills to help my students improve their leg strength and condition the hip muscles. Thought i'd share this one and would be interested to see what other instructors do.
  8. NinjaChristian

    timing and the usefullness of jumping kicks

    So recently I have been testing out the jumping round kick off the back leg during sparring, and here is what I have learned so far: advantages: 1.the height during the kick changes the angle of attack, forcing the opponent to change their guard to defend against the new angle of attack 2. the...
  9. Groark

    Goju-Ryu white belt testing soon. Can we talk about stances and kicks?

    One of my most basic stances is han zenkutsu dachi, and that is where a lot of fighting and movements begin with. I have a problem when I try a basic front kick and I move or rise my body along with the kick. I do this when I slide forward as well, and my Sensei tells me that what I want to do...
  10. A

    How is it possible? Kicking Magic Power?

    I'm always asked, but did not find out how this can be done so as not to break his foot