1. T

    Hokutoryu ju-jutsu

    I am interested in how familiar people are with this style of ju-jutsu from Finland? And what you think of it. It is practiced in Finland, Estonia, Norway, Russia, USA, Iran etc. Here are some sample videos of the style: 1. 2. On the second video there is a guy jumping and performing with a...
  2. Z

    Want to BUY: Jui-Jitsu & Kuatsu, by GJ Rennie

    Looking to buy a hardcopy book of Jui-Jitsu and Kuatsu, by GJ Rennie, 1974 I searched the forums and the book is occasionally brought up but no posts are about selling the book. If you know anyone willing to sell the book directly or links to where this book can be found please let me know...
  3. C

    Difference between ninjutsu and Jujitsu-related arts

    Greetings! I hope you are well. Some people might have met me in another forum, where I asked a question about aikibudo, aiki jujitsu, and ninjutsu. Here, I will ask a question more specific to ninjutsu. Beforehand, I want to say that I have read the pinned description and FAQ about ninjutsu...
  4. Aaron

    Breaking into XMA

    Hey ya'll I've a background in traditional Kenpo Karate, Ju-Jitsu, and Muay Thai as well as having dabbled into a little bit of other Martial Arts and I'm wanting to break into something like what Mike Chat does with his Extreme Martial Arts (XMA) putting a little more emphasis on the "art" side...
  5. D

    From Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Japanese Jiu Jitsu

    I recently gave up on Brazilian jujitsu. I love the sport, but my body is mangled - cauliflower ear, scar tissue on my eye, beginning of arthritis on my finger/hand. This is after only 3 months of consistent training. I am interested in Japanese jujitsu, but there just isn't any information...
  6. _the_frogg_

    street fight

    what would you say would work best for a street fight, and don't just say whatever you train in lol really thing like take things from other arts and put them together to make the best art
  7. RuthlessCombat_Australia

    Introducing Myself.

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forums and thought I would introduce myself. My name is Christian, I am 23 and I live in Sydney, Australia. I currently train in Gracie Jujitsu and Muay Thai/Lao Kick boxing. I am looking to get out of the competitive field of BJJ and Muay thai and try a more...
  8. M

    Northern Nevada

    Hi Everyone, I just joined the forum today and I'm looking for recommendations of you have any. I was debating long and hard between Northern and Southern Nevada but I think Northern has won me over. The prices for real estate is just too darn affordable and I have everything I need for me and...