home training

  1. P

    Creative ways to prepare for sparring at home

    I am learning Ti Chi Chuan, Wing Chun, and Taekwondo. Currently I do not have money for classes. I found that employing Wing Chun (blocking, palm strikes, grabbing) while tossing a stool around really helps with muscle memory and strength. I have also used a mattress as a punching bag with...
  2. Ryeangle

    RDX B1 Free Standing Punch Bag

    Hi all, I'm currently looking to purchase some form of free standing heavy bag to help me continue my muay thai training at home. My gyms been shut since last week and I want to invest in something to help me train properly. I haven't really got the room to hang a heavy bag anywhere so was...
  3. J

    Muay Thai Training Equipment at Home

    hi everyone, I have been doing muay thai and want to start practicing at home as well. I want something to practice techniques on like a heavy bag. except I cant really get a heavy bag because they are too loud and I'm thinking about doing it for more than an hour a day. I have 3 other people...