heavy bag

  1. E

    Bag work and faster combinations.

    These two videos show what I did over the years to get fast combinations. This video is some bag training. ...and the next video is what I got from it. Realize, I didn't do this for sparing or for the ring.
  2. B

    Hang a heavy bag

    Hi, Can you guys help me a bit to figure out what is the best way to hang my heavy bag? I have a 70kg (bag<160lbs) 150cm-160cm twins heavy bag. The room that I rent and want to put the bag has 3.22m height. I feel that the side walls not strong enough to hang this bag and if I hit/kick I scare...
  3. Uncle Max

    Kicking Drills w/Heavy Bag

    Hey All.. I was wondering what everybody's preferred routine is when it comes to kicking the heavy bag. I mean, aside from when I'm practicing my patterns/drills, I really don't have a specific routine. I just bang away. Curious if you guys and gals have a specific number of reps/sets per...
  4. T

    What style of training bag do you use?

    Do you use a freestanding or hanging heavy bag for training?