1. A

    Dual Martial arts advice needed: see body for details

    Okay, so I'm looking to do two martial arts: one impractical, one practical for self-defense and additional personal development. The definite impractical: Capoeira. No question here. I'm in love with the art and want to devote myself to it. Been to some classes a little far from me but will...
  2. T

    Research on martial artists

    Hi everyone! I don't know many martial artists, so that's why I'm reaching out to you guys on here. Anyways, I've been doing Wing Chun for the past 2 years and am doing an important psychology research project looking at the relationship between different types of martial arts and self-esteem. I...
  3. Sawyer Mallory

    Where to buy 100% cotton or hemp Uniforms

    I have been looking for a good place to buy high quality uniforms made of cotton or hemp. If any one knows where to find something like that, please let me know! :)
  4. Sawyer Mallory

    Whip chain

    Does anyone know of a good place to buy a whip chain? I have seen the ones online, and I was wondering if there was a more premium seller out there. Thank you for your help.
  5. Sawyer Mallory

    Hapkido weapons

    Does anyone know of a place where I could buy Made in Korea Hapkido weapons? Thanks for your help!
  6. P

    Hapkido credentials and certifications

    Is Hapkido credentials and certifications heavily regarded and valued? I see so many Hapkido schools, Jin Jung Kwan, Combat Hapkido, Kuk Sool Hapkido, Sin Moo Hapkido and etc... to include a few others. Not to mention I seen many worldwide organizations like the Korean Hapkido Federation...
  7. adamr01

    Great video discussing the poineers of Hapkido in the US

    These guys have a pretty good discussion on Hapkido, and those responsible for popularizing Hapkido here in the US. Having trained Hapkido on both coasts, I have noticed that while Choi Yong Sool is always part of the conversation, not all Hapkido masters trace their history back to the same...
  8. Superperson

    Moving And Switching Schools

    This might be a sill question but I wanted advice on how to go about switching schools when moving out of state. I'm currently a purple belt in Hapkido and have been going to a school I love. Whats fun about the school is that I'm learning Tweakondo along side my Hapkido as well as taking a...
  9. adamr01

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Adam, and my martial arts background is in Hapkido and Taekwando. I started training TKD back in NY when i was 18, and 5 years later I was exposed to Hapkido. I fell in love with the art and started training Hapkido from that point on. I still train when I can, but not nearly as...
  10. adamr01

    Very cool Hapkido video!!

    This is an educational video on Hapkido, with some excellent demonstrations.
  11. T

    Koran Names for Throws: take 2!

    Hey everyone. So I have been digging into research and talking with people born and raised in Korea. A lot of these come from Yudo, but I have brought together a collection of the names for some general throws in Korean. This is not an exstensive list and every system has different variations...
  12. B

    Cross training hapkido with judo, arnis, TKD or a mixture 3

    I'm currently training at a place that offers hapkido (which I'm currently doing) TKD, and arnis. There's also a school offering judo once a week($50 for 10 classes) not far from where I'm already training. My question is ultimately which would be better, crossing hapkido(mon-wed) and arnis(sat...
  13. D

    Hapkido School in Central Ohio

    I want to give Hapkido a try. I live in Columbus, Ohio. I have only been able to find 4 schools. 3 of them are very expensive, and on the other side of town. The other one is only 1 day a week at the rec center. Does anyone here know of any good schools close to Columbus they could recommend...
  14. Sensei Becker

    Danzan Ryu

    I want to incorporate more of the go to wazas in Daito Ryu and Danzan Ryu into Kenpo Karate. I like the Ken Ju Ryu idea.
  15. Polina

    What is better? Traditional School or Modern School

    Hello! It's me Polina. I have been looking around my town for martial arts instructors because there is no dojo or dojang. I met Korean man who have study Hapkido for many years. Is it a good idea to ask him to teach me? Or should it be better to find dojo with other students?
  16. NinjaChristian

    Is Karate a martial art? (please read full post)

    Is Karate a martial art, or just a name for martial arts of certain origin? I ask the same question of Taekwondo, Jiujitsu, Akido, or any other name that encompasses multiple styles of fighting. When you say "I practice Taekwondo" or "I practice Hapkido", what are you really saying?
  17. N

    Anybody trained or is training with Hwang In Shik?

    Until I was about 14, I trained with Hwang In Shik and some of his apprentices for about 3 years. I moved, so I didn't train with him ever since. Has anybody recently trained or is training with Hwang In Shik? I'm interested to know what's going on.