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Discussion in 'The Computer Room - Computer Talk' started by BlueDragon1981, Jul 6, 2004.

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    Okay I know that computers change every day but as of now this would probably be my dream system

    1.5 to 4 GHz processor. Dual Processors(no big on processor speed)
    2 GB RAM (am big on RAM)
    10/100/1000 nic card
    512 video ram
    2 - 200 GB hard drives
    20 inch flat panel lcd screen
    56k modem (only for backwards compatibility)
    16x DVD +,- RW Drive
    52x CDRW Drive
    9 in one media drive (flash cards, and floppy all included in this one drive)
    2 firewire ports
    6 usb 2 ports
    TV in/out
    Wireless Office Keyboard and Mouse

    Motherboard would support hyper threading technology and have a 1.8 GHz bus.

    Custom Case
    Custom Cooling system

    That would be one sweet system

    I would load it with WIN 2000 AND WIN XP
    I would load the second hard drive with server software
    I would load it with Red Hat, Mandrake, and a couple other linux versions

    Maybe have a third hard drive for a database.

    Wow that would be one EXPENSIVE system.

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