Yahoo: UFC is on Versus! Someone tell the announcers

Discussion in 'MMA News' started by Clark Kent, Mar 15, 2010.

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    Versus is getting prepped this week for its first huge UFC card on Sunday. There's nothing better than using March Madness telecasts to pump the big event. Versus is partners with Mountain West Conference so it carried the MWC men's basketball title game on Saturday. In between promos for D-League basketball, bull riding, IRL and hockey, they squeezed in a plug for the big UFC event in Denver this weekend. One problem, announcer Ted Robinson didn't have the info and he sounded a bit angry that Versus was airing the bloodsport.

    "Alright, Sunday March 21st for the first time on Versus, can you believe it? It&rsquo;s the UFC battle," said a half-hearted Robinson. "One of these heavyweight fighters --I don&rsquo;t even know if they&rsquo;re heavyweights or not -- whatever wieght class they are. Look at these great matchups and you&rsquo;ll see them Sunday only on Versus."

    Let's hope this Versus thing works out for the UFC. It has problems written all over it. Because of the dispute between DirecTV and Versus, there's going to be more than few angry MMA fans who won't be able to catch the event either on satellite or at their local watering hole. At least the UFC can fall back on the excuse that the NHL and Mountain West were also misguided enough to align themselves with the off-the-radar network.

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