Yahoo: UFC 108 postfight: Evans wasn't about to be played by Silva

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    Rashad Evans did learn his lesson. He opened his mouth too much in the cage against Lyoto Machida at UFC 98 and paid for with a knockout loss, watching his UFC light heavyweight title go bye-bye. Thiago Silva tried to get him to lose his cool but he remained calm and escaped with a close victory.

    When Silva starting egging on the crowd and mocking Evans in the final round, he knew the Brazilian was covering up his own exhaustion:

    "I knew exactly what he was doing. He was trying to excite himself and trying to rest a little bit."

    Evans pointed to his experience:

    "It's not my first fight. I'm not going to go because someone says come at me, come at me."

    Evans was determined to follow his instructions:

    "I wanted to mix it up and throw the hands but my corner warned me against that. They wanted me to fight a smart fight and systematically break him down. Don't get into those battles where it's Russian roulette and whoever lands the first punch is going to win."

    Evans is looking forward to a shot at Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. The two coached against each during season 10 of "The Ultimate Fighter" and went at it the entire season. UFC president Dana White mentioned May 1 as a possible date for that fight.

    When Evans was asked if he'd rather get a title shot Lyoto Machida, he admitted he may not be read stating he needed another fight to work on everything he's integrating into his game.

    Yahoo! Sports.
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