Yahoo: Herschel Walker fight: Glazer rips, Coker defends

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    02-01-2010 04:25 PM:There were mixed results from the Herschel Walker fight on Saturday night. Most of the crowd seemed to enjoy the fight, the news of Walker's win drove lots of traffic on the internet and he proved doubters wrong at age 47. But some viewers weren't happy.

    NFL insider Jay Glazer, a big fan of MMA and one of the few media members who can actually fight, sent out this tweet saying he wasn't thrilled with the Walker fight getting exposure on a card that big.

    When told about Glazer's criticism, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker suggested the writer/television star didn't understand the purpose of the promotion.

    "He's going to have his opinion. Jay's a nice guy. I think he's looking at it from a different perspective. Jay's looking at it from a straight world class fighter against another. This is a different kind of fight."

    Glazer, an NFL reporter with FOX, has a few professional fights under his belt and now serves as a trainer to several NFL stars down at Arizona Combat Sports. He's also got a partnership with Randy Couture in a professional MMA training venture called MMAAthletics.

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