Yahoo: First Shamrock, then 'Progressive Lady' for Petruzelli

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    02-02-2010 11:40 AM:
    After 18 months of relative inactivity, Seth Petruzelli is calling out opponents left and right. Last month it was announced that he'll be fighting MMA legend Ken Shamrock. Already looking ahead to his next opponent, Petruzelli via tweet has targeted the lunch lady/waitress from Progressive Auto Insurance commercials.

    [​IMG]That's got to be music to the ears of millions of television viewers who've been subjected to what's got to be the most annoying advertising campaign in years. The Progressive Lady has even earned herself a hate club on Facebook.

    Nothing against the actress Stephanie Courtney, we know jobs are tough to find, but come on. She'd more liked if she picked up a gig at your local Division of Motor Vehicles or working as a collections agent for a credit card company.

    Plus the "Progressive Flo" character is an insult to the most famous "Flo" in the history of television, Flo Castleberry, played by Polly Holiday. For those of you under 75, Flo was the roadside diner waitress everyone wanted to bed in the 70's. Flo from Progressive, not so much.

    Petruzelli is the running mate of MMA funny man Tom Lawlor from the UFC. You may remember him from his role as the dog on a leash during Lawlor's entrance at UFC 100.

    Oh, and he's the guy who helped to take down EliteXC by upsetting Kimbo Slice and suggesting the promotion had some shady practices.

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