WW2 fighter crashes into crowd at air show, almost 100 injured & multiple deaths reported

Discussion in 'Horror Stories' started by Bob Hubbard, Sep 17, 2011.

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    The newswires are flooded with reports. A WW2 P-51 Mustang being flown by a veteran pilot lost control and crashed into the crowd at a Reno NV airshow. Injuries are just under 100 with at this time 9 people reported killed. This is one of the worst air show tragedies I can recall.



    [h=4]Nevada air race crash[/h]

    Just in:

    There have been a lot crashes this year, way more than is usual. All involving WW2 warbirds. Beyond the loss of life, is the loss of history as well. It's a miracle that so many are still flying, but they were never intended to last this long, their airframes long past their shelf life. If they are to continue flying, more care is going to be needed to ensure that they are still safe to fly. :(

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