Seminar on Splashing Hands, manchester UK

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    Hi everybody,
    Sorry for the bad manners of my first post being to advertise a seminar.

    I am running a weekend on the Splashing Hands style of Kung Fu to introduce the style more widely in the UK at the ned of april. I hope to follow it up with more weekends for those interested in continuing. I ask those that attend come with an open mind and prepared to drill hard.

    I also guarantee those attending four things:
    1. You will leave with tools to make you a more proficient fighter - if you don't feel you have learnt useful stuff then you get your money back.
    2. You will increase your fighting speed.
    3. You will be pushed hard physically and mentally- I suggest a good level of physical fitness is nessesary.
    4. If you wish to test the system (understandable if you intend to spend time training it) I am always happy to cross hands at whatever level of contact you wish.

    It should be fun. If you are interested visit for contact information

    Best regards to you all

    Chris Lomas

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