MOTTS? Datu?

Discussion in 'Modern Arnis' started by Jade, Dec 21, 2001.

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    I posed the question of What does Datu mean directly to Professor Presas about 6 years ago. I had not heard the term, but was exposed to some video footage of Datu Worden. The Professor told me the word is a Moro word translating to Tribal Chieftan. In the context of Arnis, he said it loosely is 'one who has come before'. It was not a title of rank, rather one describing leadership and ability to teach and expand the art.

    The Professor further commented on Kelly Worden's high skill level. He described Kelly as having a computer brain for recording and developing techniques. He felt Datu Worden had an extremely high degree of potential for expanding and innovating the art.

    Of course debate about rank, titles, and the political quagmire created by the Professor's death undercut the bigger picture. I had the good fortune over the years to spend a fair amount of time training with and socializing with the Professor. Many of the lessons I gleaned from this great man were conversations about life in car rides, over meals, or in hotel rooms watching NCAA hoops. His knowledge of the world, people, politics, sports, history, geography and languages was almost as staggering as his knowledge and ability with his art.

    The Professor spent a week with me in 1997. It was his first visit to New Orleans. We did a great deal of training over those days, but far more talking. I remeber doing Tapi Tapi on a riverboat in New Orleans with the Professor. That 2 hour boat trip, and the rest of that week exemplified what the art is really about, learning, sharing and expanding knowledge, connection and friendship. He would often say: "you must be happy"

    The real lessons Remy Presas shared with us were life lessons. After seeing the turmoil of the 6 months after his death, it is clear to me many, if not most are more concerned with title, rank or their own financial gain, and not preserving the art. So many people have missed the real lessons, which is a shame. They are my most cherished memories of him. Make the Professor's hard work live on for the future merely by training hard, sharing the art, and being happy
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    We must remember to learn from the past. Mr. Parker died 12 years ago and the Kenpoists still have a long way to go as fare as the healing process goes.

    It is hard on ALL of us. We as people tend to think Remy's death on how it effected us as a person and not how it effected our community. Yes, some people are taking advantage of his death for fame and fortune.

    Give it time and keep the faith. Things happen for a reason, and things WILL come full circle.

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    After seeing what happened with the Kenpo community after SGM Parker's death, I would agree that the Renegade has the best advice. Maybe our folly can be a warning to others so they don't end up in the mess that American Kenpo was in after Ed Parker's untimely death.
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    Mr. Parker is dead?
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    Yes, has been for some time now.
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    I'd like to thank all for answers. Now I understand what ┬źDatu┬╗ means. But I have a question. My italian friend told me that in Italy lives Datu Alessandro Fantini. He got the title from one philippine master of Arnis. How is it possible? I don't see his name in the list of datus. Could you explain me this situation?

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