Martial Arts Observations While Gardening

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    Here's a recipe I use around the nursery, it's wildlife, pet, child friendly, and kills all insects it comes into contact with, we call it horticultural white oil and you make it as follows:
    4 parts white mineral oil
    1 part biological washing up liquid
    4 parts water
    Make as much as you need, and place the ingredients into a spray bottle, put the lid on, shake vigorously until the solution becomes milky, spray your plants all over, repeat 2 weeks later, the washing up liquid helps the oil and water mix, once the insect is coated it will suffocate as the solution covers the insects outer layer, and insects breath through their skin. Repeat 2 weeks later as the insects life cycle is egg, lavea, pupa, adult, in the egg and pupa stage the insect is cacooned, and can be protected from the solution.

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