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    I bought the first two seasons on DVD from Amazon. Oh, I've missed this show. What great writing, what great acting. What an awesome show.
    OK, name them, actor and character, Oh you can't? Highlight the area between the colons :
    Corbin Bernsen as Arnie Becker
    Jill Eikenberry as Ann Kelsey
    Michael Tucker as Stuart Markowitz
    Harry Hamlin as Michael Kuzak
    Susan Dey as Laurie Partridge... Shoot, wrong show, Grace Van Owen
    Jimmy Smits as Victor Sifuentes
    Blair Underwood as Jonathan Rollins
    Richard Dysart as Leland Mackenzie
    Susan Ruttan as Roxanne Melman
    Michele Greene as Abigail "Abby" Perkins
    Alan Rachins as Douglas Brackman
    The married couple were actually married. This amuses me, not really sure why.

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