How to Have Fast Kicks?

Discussion in 'JKD / Jeet Kune Do' started by DavyKOTWF, Aug 20, 2018.

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    This is a great point, outside the physical training of having a fast kick.
    A fast kick can be that you kick before they have the opportunity to recognize you are kicking.

    Determine any telegraphing you may be doing when kicking.
    Cover kick execution, someone of my most used combination:
    jab, cross, push kick
    turning/round kick, push kick.
    feint jab - push kick
    fake low kick - push kick
    fake jumping front kick, front kick.

    timing the front kick to attack on their attack to intercept, learning to read their initializing movements.
    I used to drill this frequently:
    start with attacked coming with a lunge punch - front leg push kick/teep
    drill this static, then move to more live drill moving around
    then work the same as static drill with the attack not lunging, but with a cross, or an over hand punch.
    progress to a live drill with moving around.

    This is a great counter to make your front kick appear fast when it may be an average speed kick, just executing before they register it.
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    In the dojo
    And along the lines of the last two posts - if the don’t see the kick, it doesn’t matter how slow or fast your kick actually is. Throw it to or from your opponent’s blind spot, and they’re done.

    I say that from personal experience. There’s a gentleman I regularly spar with on Tuesday nights who’s done that to me several times. A while back we were doing some point sparring. He got offline and in his combo I felt a light tap on the side of my head. I thought it was incidental contact but everyone’s hand went up for a point. I head “roundhouse kick; point.” The puzzled look on my face must’ve cued everyone to laugh, and I was told he hit me with a roundhouse to my head. I never saw it coming. He’s done it several times since (outside of point sparring), with the latest ones being Tuesday night. Apparently he got me twice without my knowledge. Both were a crescent kick that he turned into an axe kick onto my head. I saw the foot leave the ground, but that’s it. At the end of the round, I joked that I would’ve been KOed twice if he wanted to follow through (I saw and felt two kicks upside my head that I missed blocking). He and my teacher laughed and said there were two more I never saw. He showed me what he did after class. It was a simple getting off line and a fake to get me looking away, followed by his kick.

    It’s like a sucker punch of sorts - impossible to block if you never see it coming. You wake up wondering what happened :)
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    Dont do ankle weights (not that great for the ankle)

    some good training tips for faster kicks
    • squats (with or without weights)
    • pistol squats
    • frog hops
    • short sprints
    • lots of stretching
    • hopping kicks
    • double and triple kicks
    • kicks from low stances
    • kick timing so that the kick appears faster

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