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Discussion in 'Health Tips for the Martial Artist' started by shesulsa, May 9, 2006.

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    Not BC, Not DC
    I want to tell you folks that I think MartialTalk is the friendliest, most cohesive internet Martial Arts discussion board and I am proud to boast my membership here because of its members.

    The vision of the founder is to have a place where we can respectfully exchange ideas, argue fine points in a mature fashion and have some fun without too many politics muddying the waters.

    The arcade is fun, the Supporting Member areas are a riot, and if you haven't had a chance to have a free trial membership, sign up here to apply!

    That's right! I'm asking you to support MartialTalk and keep us the BEST MartialArts discussion forum on the web!
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    I agree. MT is a great resource and one of the few truly friendly Martial Art's forums on the net. I know that the $15.00 I spent to become a Supporting Member was a great investment.

    BTW, Supporting Members can post pictures in their posts and have their own gallery of pictures, as well. Here's mine:


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