FMAT: Yaw Yan and Jidokwan

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    Yaw Yan and Jidokwan
    By Zoongidee - Sat, 19 May 2007 00:52:32 GMT
    Originally Posted at: FMATalk


    I was born to a dad who is was an ex-martial artist. I think the first style he learned was Jidokwan. He later when into Kickboxing and then stopped all of that and became a firefighter. He also taught himself filipino fighting. He got me into martial arts after an negative event happened to me, which was taekwondo. Little did I know it wasn't a good dojo so my dad took me out of it. He then started teaching me some Jidokwan. I'm still learning from him but it's not complete. I've also grown to liking kickboxing, and almost went into Muay Thai. But I had a feeling that their is something else that would suit me better since as much as I do like punching and kicking, my legs are my strongest attack qualities right now. Then I searched and found about Yaw Yan. After reading about it in Wikipedia, and the ArDigma sight amoung others, I had a liking towards it. My only problem is that i'm in Wisconsin and their is no gyms for Yaw Yan around here. -_- I asked around on Myspace to those who have trained under it but they said that their are only practitioners but no gyms about it. So i'm hoping that I could get a video from a practicioner from here of all the punches and kicks from Yaw Yan. I know their is about 50somthing kicks in that style and, I think, 12 bolo punches from that style but I would greatly appreciate it since I can't find a live source where I am now. -_- Also any practitioners of Jidokwan could do the same, that would be nice too. Thanks in advance.

    P.S. What's a bolo punch? I never heard of it before and i don't know the visualization of its difference from a regular punch.


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