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    Another old post to reference...

    In ITF tkd that sounds like a mid section twisting kick.

    I've been told by people from 3 different schools (including mine) that they'd never seen anyone attempt to use it in sparring until I was their opponent.

    Works very well actually - it's not a huge power kick but because it's utterly unexpected it knocks out wind every time ;)

    Edit: it's a kick present in karate too - Jesse Enkamp did a video on it.
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    I've said for a long time that the real difference between arts is focus. You'll learn to punch and kick in Aikido, but later. You'll learn to twist and throw in TKD. But later.
    Aikido starts with big circles and as you progress they become smaller and more linear. TKD starts linear, and as you progress becomes more circular. TKD will always (probably) be more linear than Aikido, but they certainly become a lot closer.123
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