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Discussion in 'Jujutsu / Judo' started by Brandon Miller, Feb 10, 2019.

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    I live in Dallas and started Kyokushin a few months ago but I have had interest in Judo for the past 6 years. Something about it really intrigues me. I see it as an awesome sport, great workout, beautiful techniques and a solid self defense system and terrific sport. I have a background in competitive MMA, Amatuer boxing and no gi BJJ competition. I’m going to be moving soon and I feel it’s hard to find a kyokushin school. Judo seems to be readily available everywhere at a cheap price with little to no Mcdojo cheeseburger smell. Also at 32 I have decided to go the TMA journey route. What can I expect from Judo when I start. I’m gonna start once I move. I’m either headed to the Phoenix area or back to Portland Oregon where I’m from. If anyone knows good instructors in those cities let me know. Also any other martial arts that go beautifully with Judo for crosstraining purposes later down the road advice would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks
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    If I was in the Phoenix area, I would train with Megaton Diaz.

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