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    I'd like to draw your attention to the Broadsword League, and offer a cordial invitation to join.

    What is the Broadsword League? To quote from the website:
    The Broadsword League is a venue for historical fencing competition with the broadsword, backsword, heavy sabre and singlestick. Our goal is to give historical fencers the opportunity to test their skills against each other and earn a competitive ranking based on the results. It is hoped that this sort of friendly competition will spur the fencers of the Broadsword League to develop their own abilities to the highest level.
    The League collects statistics and issues competitive rankings based on the score results of Challenge Matches. Once a year, the League certifies the winner of two different "Championships", based on scores accumulated as well as regional "Championship" winners.

    The organization and layout is not dissimilar to "Chessclub with Swords."

    So if you practice Broadsword, Singlestick, or Military/Heavy Saber please consider this option for testing your skills in friendly competition with the goal of realistic and historic training.

    Peace favor your sword,

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