Arrest warrants sought for World Taekwondo Headquarters execs

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    Arrest warrants sought for World Taekwondo Headquarters execs

    SEOUL, Oct. 24 (Yonhap) -- - South Korean police have requested arrest warrants for executives at the World Taekwondo Headquarters, also known as Kukkiwon, over allegations of obstruction of business and violation of political funding law.

    According to investigative authorities, Gangnam Police Station requested arrest warrants last Friday for Kukkiwon President Oh Hyun-deuk and the organization's general secretary Oh Dae-young.

    Police had already raided Kukkiwon headquarters twice this year after they were tipped off that the taekwondo body -- which is responsible for dan and poom certification -- deliberately leaked exam papers to hire a certain job applicant in 2014.

    A former Kukkiwon employee, only identified with his surname Kang, told local media in July that there was a exam paper leak in 2014 and some employees had to make an answer sheet for a certain job applicant following a request from high-profile figures at the organization.

    Police also said Kukkiwon illicitly donated money to lawmakers through its employees. The investigators are also looking into allegations that Oh Hyun-deuk privately used Kukkiwon funds on a business trip.

    "We think that there's no problem (in our hiring process), but will watch how the investigation turns out," an official with Kukkiwon said. "We believe donations to lawmakers were done of employees' own volition."

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