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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Talk' started by S-K-K, Jun 17, 2017.

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    Oslo, Norway
    I have been attending American kickboxing classes for about a year and a half.

    I would like to know if practicing American kickboxing for street fight is useful or useless?
    Can you as a American kickboxer be confident in a street fight?

    I know one club that offers, Krav maga, MMA, Submission wrestling and Muay Thai.

    Should I stop practicing American kickboxing if it's not useful?


  2. Martial D

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    May 18, 2017
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    Kickboxing offers a great set of tools, and generally train a lot of contact and sparring. Knowing when and how to kick and punch never hurts.

    You can always supliment your training with something else later.

    IMO most forms of martial arts training can be useful vis a vis combat, you just need to learn to separate the wheat from the chafe insofar as it works for you in action.

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  3. drop bear

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    Feb 23, 2014
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    It is not comprehensive. Which is a different kettle of fish.

    So if in training you can beat the crap out of a guy. Then your martial art will be effective where beating the crap out of a guy is a solution.

    Now if you want more options. Then you can go and explore more options. So if for example you can't wrestle. Then you could learn that. Kick boxing doesn't hamper your ability. And in certain ways it helps it.

    Say you want to learn to do all the soft skills like deescalation. Or risk assessment. Or route planning. Kick boxing doesn't hinder that either.

    What does hinder your development is dud basics. If your delivery method is bad everything is bad. Good kick boxing should be good basics. So that you have a decent platform to broaden your skill set.
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  4. jobo

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    Manchester UK
    what other have said really, most martial arts work in the street, if you throw a way the nonsense elements AND if you have the speed strengh to pull it off. American kick boxing is karate with all the least effectual parts remove (AND some of the good bits) as,such if your a good enough athelete to make it work it will work very well
  5. Headhunter

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    Aug 26, 2016
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    If you enjoy it keep doing it if not then don't do it
  6. Midnight-shadow

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    May 29, 2016
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    Yes, kickboxing can work very well in the street, but you need to understand the limitations of the training. Simply put, you are training for a competition with a very specific set of rules, rules that you won't find if you brawl in the street. For example, a lot of amateur kickboxing competitions don't allow you to use knee or elbow strikes, or kick someone in the groin. If you got into a street fight those rules wouldn't exist. This is all about the mindset than anything else.

    Now don't get me wrong, if you nail someone in the head with a good roundhouse kick, they will go down like a sack of bricks regardless of whether you are on the street or in the fighting ring (in fact, they will go down faster on the street since you'll be wearing shoes). Just always keep in mind that your opponent on the street is likely going to act completely differently to what you are used to in the fighting ring. If you really are worried about it, I would try and find a dedicated self-defence class that you can do alongside your kickboxing, to learn how to use your kickboxing skills in a street environment. As a kickboxer you should already have the basics of punching and kicking down, but there is a difference between using them on the street and using them in the ring.

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