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Discussion in 'The Study' started by Zoran, Oct 20, 2010.

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    A 20/20 feature on Islam. Didn't see it posted here, sorry if it already is. Each new part will load after it is over. About 40 minutes total.


    My Review:

    Well, I have watched the whole episode. It was educational and although I already knew the majority of info presented, it still added things that I did not know.

    All in all, the episode is designed to establish a human face to the boogie man. Something along the lines of establishing tolerance. Some people that just irrationally hate Islam, this is good to watch. However, ABC is obvious leaning to the left and although they raise the negative aspects of Islam, I felt it was more a token attempt to make it look more balanced. The hard reporting, such as where is the money coming from for the New York mosque were never brought up. The usual fluff pieces I have come to expect from the mainstream media.

    I will give it 3 stars. Good as a starting point, but lets dig a little deeper folks. Show us some real reporting. Keep the humanity in there, but lets put a face on the Muslims, Christians, and Jews that are suffering under these extreme radical groups in many parts of the world.
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    I watched this with my wife. I though that it was a puff piece more then anything else. Although there was a piece or two of information that I gleaned from it that I didn't know before I watched it, overall the effect was miserable.

    They refuse to ask the right questions. They let people get away with half-answered questions. They fail to gain context to vague answers.

    But it was exactly as I expected from them, especially after watching their absolutely pathetic attempt at examining the gun debate over whether armed people might have stopped some of the recent shootings in their show "If I Only Had a Gun."123

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