What is really the difference between TMA and MMA? False Dichotomy...

jezr74;1649530 said:
To use an analogy of our current national sport Australian Rules Football

I've turned off (I shouldn't say turned off, but I view it differently) it recently because there is too many athletes involved now and not enough sportsmen. They can run, and have stamina and fit as a fiddle, but their sportsman ship is very lacking, can't kick goals consistently, can't handball well, lack the natural sportsman ability. The sportsman may not be able to do 400 push ups or run a marathon, but they kicked goals, can pass the ball and read the game.

Not to say the others don't have their place, they can run the whole field and stay on longer etc. When you get someone that's both they are truly great to watch.

I think this is also the same for martial arts, some people will be athletic and have the strength, power and some will be natural martial artists capable of taking the art and technique itself to the next level. One has a physical limitation the other not, but always exceptions to the rule.

Yes that exists but one does not define the other. So you can't say just because A. Is physical he cannot be technical. So if you were talking about a specific martial artist you could make that call.

But it is doubtful you can do it across the board.

If mma fighters were technical chumps. Then you could probably have cases where older but better martial artists could dominate. But I don't think they tend to be technical chumps. Which is why they have a shelf life. Everybody is competing at a sort of similar technical level.

So when they fail at the physicality they will loose fights.


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