To female martial arts practitioners i need your help!!

i am doing an undergraduate dissertation that aims to explore and understand motivation in females participating in the field of Martial arts and to better understand their reasons to compete, and to identify surrounding dilemmas and issues in the sport that may affect a female athlete. i am asking if you would help us with a study which involves an interview with a set of questions relating around your experiences, thoughts and feelings around training in martial arts. If you agree to become a participant in our study, we will ask to meet on a day that you are available for at least 1hr and I will ask a set of questions. The interview will be conducted on skype, or Microsoft teams. Interviews would be recorded but your identify will be anonymous and only known to me and my supervisor. the video will be discarded after my dissertation is complete.
Research such as this will allow us to improve understanding of females motivation in martial arts and surrounding dilemmas and encourage women to take part. However, there are no significant individual benefits for you in participating.

My dissertation is due in 2 weeks please help if you are able to and interested i will highly appreciate it ^^
please reply to this post or email me on my name is Aminah, participants must be female for my study :)


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