The river trip

Well, the wife and I just finished up our annual trip down the James river. Each year she and I take one weekend just for ourselves and load up our camping supplies and kayaks and hit the river for two days. We've always done between 35 and 40 miles in two days but this year decided to take it easy and just do about 20 miles. We tried out some new gear. The Garmin E-trex H GPS was great. We'd never have found our takeout with out it. This years trip was a little different in that we put in on the Jackson river and ran it down to where the James, Jackson and Cow Pasture rivers all come together. It'd been raining for days before the trip so the water level was fast and high. As we made it to the convergence the water was running very rough and pushing hard to port. I missed an opening to kick the tail end of my kayak around and got shoved into a downed tree. Hit hard enough that a 2 inch branch snapped on my ribs. Even through the PFD it hurt like hell. I stayed upright and got through it. After that the rest of the trip was fairly uneventful. Plenty of wildlife. We did get rained on Saturday night but the rain flap on the tent did very well. Great trip, lots of work and the most important thing... time alone with my wife doing the things we enjoy doing together.


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