Team kata and its difficulties

More than a month ago, my best friend (we can call her Z) told me that sensei wants to put her in a team with anothr girl called N. But a team needs three members and they still hadn't found the third person. There were a few options but they weren't sure who to select. I really liked to be part of their team but I thought it was wishful thinking, because I believed both of them to be superior to me technically.

That's until last Tuesday night when Sensei called and told me she has chosen me as the third member of the team. I was delighted, but also afraid that I might not be able to live up to her expectations. We talked about it a lot. She was certain that she has made the right choice and I was glad that she trusts me.

On Thursday (27th Jan.) we trained as a team. It felt great, but we were recieving a lot of funny looks and unpleasant remarks. There was another girl called S who was around the same age and height as us and Sensei told her to train with us for the time being. When the class finished, Sensei called the four of us over. We sat in her office/changing room/etc. and she talked to us for over an hour.

She said S will be working with us as the reserve member. She said she knows that she has chosen the right people and that with a little practice we'll make a great team. She said we have to trust each other and be confident that we can get far. She said we have to be responsible (not one training session is to be missed!) and she said with great emphasis that we should ignore other people's non-constructive remarks completely. She encouraged us to point out each other's faults gently and politely. She said loads of other things too, but I don't think writing all of them is necessary.

We had team practice the next day; just the four of us in a park near our dojo. My friend Z was 10 minutes late and Sensei didn't let her train with us. She said it's very irresponsible to arrive late for the first day of our team practice.

S was absent on Sunday (30th Jan.) without offering any explanation. On Tuesday Sensei told her she's not the reserve member any more.

What is more, N didn't show up on Tuesday morning even though I'd told her to come, because I had to go somewhere in the afternoon and we could have our team practice only in the morning.

Sensei was really annoyed. I hate to see her like this.


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