Taichi and Qigong - as complement to any martial arts


The approach to martial arts training can vary depending on factors such as age, athletic ability and body build, mental attitude, social environment, etc., which can motivate or discourage you. If you persevere and continue your practice, as you grow older, the physical aspect of training might become too much and you might need to adapt.

In my martial arts walk, I found the practice of Tai-chi and Qigong very beneficial in that adaptation. It has helped me improve in many areas: breathing control, technique direction and fluidity, energy focus, and overall confidence and well-being. I personally believe it can be beneficial to any martial art application. Give it a try!



I totally agree. Maybe if more martial artist would give tai chi a try, they would realize the benefits, both physical, and spiritual, that this martial art can bring to their existing system.
I had studied many martial arts for 15 years before I studied Quigong under a true master of the internal arts. He barely spoke english, he didn't need to speak. I've read so many books and could speak for days about the intricacies of Quigong, and yet I never understood it, or realized the potential of all the arts I'd trained in, until I practiced with him. He did not need to explain, I FELT his Quigong, and I learned more than a thousand words could relate.
It is through the practice of Quigong that I have gained proficiency in many systems and styles. No matter the obvious differences all martial arts are the same at the core, and the internal structure, movement dynamics, breathing and focus of Quigong are ever present and beneficial to daily life as they are to martial technique.
Could this manifest, without specific Quigong training? yes, any martial tradition contains all of the elements of internal cultivation, if the student can see the forest for the trees. But it is enormously helpful in understanding how to deliver devastating power from a natural and relaxed position. Quigong is the first thing I teach, no matter what I am teaching!
My knowledge of Taiji is limited only to observation, but with understanding of Quigong and fluid movement dynamics it is easy to see the same mechanics at work. People who critisize these arts as inneffective and meaningless do not understand what they are, what they are meant to do. As you say, they are a compliment and training tool to any and every martial system, and though you may not miss them, when you are young and strong, the day may come when you can no longer rely on muscular force to protect yourself, and will need to use the forces of nature to this effect.

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