On Creating Something New as a Consequence of Study

It was said that in order to better understand what one learns it helps to teach others. By doing so the student can gain a deeper understanding of what they are attempting to absorb from their teacher. At the same time a deeper insight is reached thus giving the individual an open path to explore new lines of thought that may apply to whatever subject they are studying.
Notwithstanding, Martial Arts, in particular, may be approached in this manner for anyone trying to gain a better understanding of technical applications for any given set of self defense, or offensive moves. Moreover, when learning kata, I have found that playing around with the creation of new patterns aids in the study of the traditional kata, once it has been acquired. Nonetheless, reaching this level of practice comes after many years of study and work.
In the system of Pan Gai Noon-Uechi Ryu we see this in practice through the eyes of the son of Uechi Kanbun, who brought this system from Southern China. His son Uechi Kanei, created five new kata that were born out of Sanchin and Seisan. Myself, after thirty plus years of study and practice I found myself doing the same thing, however, my studies have covered Korean, Japanese and other Chinese systems.
It is a journey that takes the individual down many paths of not just self discovery, but as I see it, lines of exploration into minds of the original creators. Therefore, I see this as a consequence of study.


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