I cant afford my classes anymore, please help!

Helloo im new here! I recently had to stop my classes because I dont have the money but ive been keeping up with training except for the parts that require a parnter. I dont really have anyone to sparr with and i feel like ive lost all that ive learned..I moved away from the place i used to train at and that was already 30 minutes away now its even farther so no chances of asking former partners to sparr. Im not too sure what to do. I really love Brazilian jiu jitsu and muay thai how can i stop from forgetting the techniques ive learned?? Im covered on strength training and cardio what else can i do? I wanna keep sharp for when I finally can get back into it :)
I would really appreciate your guy's advice!!


Stand in front of a Mirror. Shadow Box.
Youre simply holding the end of each strike for a moment, then sighting an opening, then striking at it next. This, I find, is a great way of keeping oneself occupied with sighting angles and attacking them, and also on perhaps seeing the weaknesses of ones own attack. Ultimately, without a Sparring Partner, You can only do so much for upkeeping MT and BJJ; But Working a Heavy Bag, Shadow Boxing, and general Strength/Cardio should be plenty.
Youre not gonna forget how to do anything.
Trust Me. You might be a bit rusty, but You wont forget.
Constantly review what you know. The only reason people forget is because they let themselves forget. If you don't want to lose it, you won't.
Like Cyriacus said, shado boxing is good for muay thai. If you're like me and you seem to need something substantial to actually hit, I recommend a bag, B.O.B., or a wall.
With BJJ, if you can't find a partner or just run through it in your head, I suppose you could use a large stuffed animal or one of those BOBs with arms.
Additionally, while you're on your own, do your best to expand yourself through self discovery. You'd be amazed at what your own mind can contemplate.
THanks for the advice ill have to shadowbox more! I just never thought of doing that infront of the mirror to check out the angles. I know this is so stupid but should i run? I do jump rope and biking instead cause i have shin problems. I think its because my ankles arent that strong but for the past year ive been strengthening them and it helps a lot but i still cant run..
Thank you for the advice!
What i do now is lay in guard and go through it in my head but it only does so much. That or just before i go to bed i think of possible moves i would use to get out of an arm bar or some kind of hold. I love the stuffed animal idea but i have none or else i probably would do that! XD Thanks for the help!
Running is good. But walking or jogging will do the job too. Just keep Your body moving.
My Lower Legs can get tired from continious running for any longer than 20 minutes - So I usually walk or jog, and it has the same effect. But Id argue that Shadow Boxing involves alot of Body Movement anyway.

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