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This entry is a bit more autobiographical. Before getting into the titular topic; I need to set the background. My original home martial arts school (Tae Kwon-Do) was well attended by adults and children alike. We trained hard, spared hard, and had a great atmosphere. One day, a seminar by a very famous BJJ instructor came to the area (last name rhymed with 'tracie'). Seizing the opportunity, my instructor and 5 of us senior students made the overnight trip for a 2 day seminar. Needless...
This idea has been rolling around in my head for several weeks now. I debated posing this question on a discussion thread; but ultimately decided to use the blog format. Am I a Martial Artist... or am I simply a Martial Arts Practitioner? This distinction first began to grow in my mind while listening to a martial arts YouTuber discussing the term "martial artist". The points of what was said that stood out to me included: - An 'Artist' in the broad definition was a creator. - A painter...
What technique will work no matter what? When everything else goes wrong; what move did your martial art teach you that will never fail? Does such a thing exist? Even seasoned martial artists are sometimes guilty of following after this holy grail of self defense mastery. They want to find that 1 answer to any problem. It seems people are subconsciously looking for the 'Crane Kick' from the Karate Kid movie. You remember how Mr. Miyagi described it; "If do right, no can defense". I recall...

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