Yahoo: Pellegrino had to finish his opponent twice at UFC 111

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Sep 11, 2006
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03-29-2010 09:50 AM:

The loud thud could be heard by anyone sitting close to the Octagon on Saturday night at UFC 111. It was Fabricio Camoes' head being slammed into the canvas by Kurt Pellegrino, who was trying to extricate himself from a choke hold. Pellegrino was a bit shocked and he looked up at Camoes.

"He was completely knocked out. He froze. I turned around and his eyes rolled completely back into his head," said Pellegrino.

One problem, Camoes was now on top of him and the referee had no idea.

"I thought [referee] Yves [Lavigne] was going to stop the fight but by me hitting [Camoes] a couple of times he woke up. Which is the weirdest thing. Is there a doctor in the house? Why does that happen?"

The blow seemed to stymie Camoes' attack. He quickly wore down and Pellegrino eventually slapped on a rear-naked choke to score the finish and win.

That makes it four straight UFC wins for Pellegrino, 30. At 15-4 and 7-3 in the UFC, Pellegrino has probably earned another shot at a top 10 fighter at lightweight. He fell in his first two tries against Joe Stevenson and Nate Diaz. He was dominating the Diaz fight until he broke mentally. It looks like his work with Florian brothers has closed that mental gap and Pellegrino pointed to the addition of Jonathan Chaimberg as his strength and conditioning as a big key at UFC 111.

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