Yahoo: Lesnar press conference: 'The Stalker' Mir better watch himself

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Sep 11, 2006
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01-20-2010 03:59 PM:

The 2010 blue print was laid out this morning for Brock Lesnar and the UFC heavyweight belt. Lesnar will keep an eye on UFC 110 in Australia and UFC 111 in New Jersey. At 110, Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera and Cain Velasquez fight with a possibility of getting the next shot at Lesnar. But the first option is the winner between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin at 111. If there were an injury to the Mir/Carwin victor then the Big Nog or Velasquez would get the shot.

If it is Mir, that'll be the third time Lesnar would face the Las Vegan. Lesnar was asked if he can get motivated for another fight after smashing Mir at UFC 100.

"I don't think I beat him as bad as I could," said Lesnar. "For me to get my hands on that stalker again ... Frank Mir has made it a mission of his life [to get a rematch]. It's been a while since I've had a stalker but we'll take care of that."

Lesnar also said his return should have every heavyweight [expletive] himself. He's already back working out and said that he was throwing around 285-pound Cole Konrad and 255-pound Chris Tuchsherer like sacks of potatoes.

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