Which is the best? Goju-Ryu, or Uechi-Ryu, or Kyokushin or what?


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Jul 16, 2012
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I think your history is a little off. I don't think Oyama ever killed a man.
But my bigger issue is that Uechi is not for competition. Perhaps you were thinking Shotokan?
And everything you said about Goju could also be said about Uechi. You are partially correct about Uechi being softer. I wouldn't call it softer, that's a mistaken impression. But rather it retains its Chinese influence and is less ridged than Goju. The dynamic tension in Uechi is more fluid. Where Goju is so tight guys could burst a blood vessel in their heads. So a true master of Uechi balances both the hard and the soft.

As someone who has a lot of experience in Chinese Martial Arts, which tend to be softer and more fluid, this is exactly what appeals to me about Uechi-ryu. I haven't actually trained Uechi-ryu yet, granted, but it's very apparent if you watch them train. Other styles of Karate tend to be quite rigid and tense, which really runs against the grain of my previous training.

As CMA's are a bit difficult to come by here, I'm actually considering training Uechi-Ryu. We'll see!