Two events in the same town in the same week? More, please

Clark Kent

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Sep 11, 2006
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11-13-2009 04:30 PM:
Next week, Zuffa has two events in Las Vegas, with WEC 44 at the Pearl at the Palms and UFC 106 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. It's rare that that events will happen this close to each other in the same town.

"It really was just kind of a natural and then we went and talked to Dana and Lorenzo and they said, let&rsquo;s do a fight week," WEC GM Reed Harris said. "You know, we&rsquo;ll do a fight week like they used to do in boxing where everybody comes into town, everybody watches the fight and we&rsquo;re anchoring that with Brown versus Aldo, so we couldn&rsquo;t have had a stronger event."

The UFC did something similar in September when it put an Ultimate Fight Night and UFC 102 within driving distance of each other. Putting two fights in same place in same week not only makes it easier for media, but also sets up a nice vacation for fans. The Palms have recognized that, and is offering a suite, VIP nightlife passes and two tickets to the WEC fights for $269.

So, MMA promoters of the world, can we have MORE of this? Whether it's a UFC pay-per-view coupled with a WEC event or Ultimate Fight Night, or a Strikeforce Saturday night show paired up with a Challengers Series card, please try to put them geographically close to one another. This would be much better than say Strikeforce in Chicago with Challengers in Fresno, or WEC 42 in Las Vegas the day after UFC 101 in Philadelphia.

The possibilities are endless. Baltimore/Washington. New Orleans/Houston. Kansas City/St. Louis. Indianapolis/Chicago. Dayton/Cincinnati. Tucson/Phoenix. Oakland/San Francisco. Let's make it happen!

*I know my pairings are heavy on the Midwest, but guess what? I'm from the Midwest. Feel free to suggest your pairings in the comments.

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