Tips for learning how fight using Kung Fu

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Sep 26, 2012
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I'm not surprised that you were able to get someone with that one. It comes at you in a strange manner and it's really difficult to see what's coming next after that downward punch.

- right side kick,
- left back kick,
- left outside crescent kick,
- left spin back hook kick,
- left backward foot sweep,
- right tornado kick,
- ...

can all be good to be used after that jump too.

- You step in (the 1st step) and jump up with your left foot,
- when you land on your right foot (the 2nd step), you are still few feet away from your opponent.
- It's the "stealing step" that you drop your left foot behind and forward of your right foot (the 3rd step),
- plus the upper body forward leaning, that give your opponent a surprise with few feet extra reach.

In a simple footwork, you have used 3 steps to cover that 12 feet distance (You may be able to cover even 15 feet distance if you are good in jumping).
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