Tai Liu Chaun Fa


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Feb 2, 2024
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Petawawa, ON, Canada
This was one of the more rarer styles of Kung Fu. It was taught to my Sifu by a man named Saul Tallbear. Tai Liu Chuan Fa is a southern, soft style. An eclectic southern form of Kung-Fu, it resembles Wing Chun, Chin-Na, Eagle Claw, Southern Praying Mantis, and Mok Gar styles of Kung-Fu. This style was a family style that was passed down in the Suu family from generation to generation. Sigung Tallbear was taught by a man named Tien Kwai Suu. The story goes that Tien Kwai Suu had no children and had met Tallbear while Tallbear was in the military and stationed over in Asia. Unfortunately, Sigung Tallbear passed away on November 18th, 2017. I never personally got to meet the man, but from what I have read about him and what I have been told about him, he was a genuinely good human being who had a love for martial arts. You can read more about Tai Liu Chaun Fa here. My Sifu is listed on the Family Tree page of the website, Sibak Ky Fiedler.

Here is a photo of Sigung Tallbear.


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