Pad Drills, whats your favorite drills you do / or your class does


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Dec 16, 2011
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Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Love pad drills and two of my favorites is a three person drill with one in the middle and they throw a round house kick and alternate the round house kick with the different pad. Also love the down block, high block and middle block drills as well. So what are some of your favorite pad drills

Supra Vijai

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Jun 8, 2008
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Melbourne, Australia
From a self defense viewpoint?

We do a range of drills, one where you stand relaxed but ready and you opponent brings up a pad at different heights/angles and you need to assess and use an appropriate strike. This can be one at a time or multiple pads come up and you need to assess how to move between them to maximise power generation. We do another where you focus on a point on the floor, spin around in place till you're dizzy and then have pads come up from one or more opponents and you need to move through and strike them. Mind you, we also use that spinny one to get dizzy and then jam or defend incoming attacks - that's fun :)

Friends of mine who are specializing in a particular system like working their ability to strike from a natural stance as you would have in the street with no posturing, no wind up or "telegraphing" etc.

Most of all though, I love heading to my local gym which has a dedicated boxing area and just running through a range of strikes on either the heavy bag or the wall mounted pads to work on power. Yeah it's not as exciting as a dynamic drill but it's functional and effective. Not to mention I still haven't found a regular training partner who can hold a pad while I work my elbows and have them feel like a 10 tonne solid concrete wall ;)