Linerlock Stiletto, Made in Germany

Is there a site or book on stiletto fighting? I've seen a cheap but intriguing book on Italian stiletto fighting once but am not sure how reputable the source is.
That would be the book pictured here. I'm going to review it eventually.
Yes, that's it--the one I saw had a different cover.

I went to your site earlier looking for something only to find it down for redesign--looks like the "deep links" still work!
It's not down -- just resting. ;) The redesign will be done in a couple of days. You'll notice that some of the new pages are black on white instead of white on black -- that's the new color scheme, and there will be a menu frame.
Just some extra info.

You can buy stilletto or switch blades with a different mechanisme were the button is a flat piece of metal, when you want to open the blad you flap it over, so it becomes a leaver (sp?). This way the chances for it opening in your pocket is less.

That's true, but none of the knives I've been discussing are automatic knives -- these are all manual knives that are made to look like their spring-loaded cousins.
Ahh, sorry wasn't concentrated enough to understand that!

Sorry :asian:


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