Kuk Sool criticism


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Jan 18, 2018
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I'm looking for some honest feedback on the street practicality of some of the Kuk Sool locks.

I obtained my yellow belt 10 years ago and just now getting back to MA. I have been searching the forums for criticisms of various styles so I can determine what's the most fun but also includes the most practical self defense but it's hard to find amist all the fan boy talk, fears of being accused of trolling or the common respect some people have for all martial arts. Therefore, nobody likes to break apart the techniques to discuss their shortcomings.

Without getting into detail, I wanted to comment on the first Kuk Sool Lock you learn as a white belt as I was taking two private lessons to try and demo different schools styles.

That first move was when someone grabs your wrist and and you move up with the elbow to the chin. Forgot the name.

First off, it becomes very slow when the attacker has a good grip making it easy for counter attack.

Second, a Wing Chunner showed me what he would do instead, (I don't like wing chun so I'm not advocating it here) he grabed the attackers wrist with the same hand and pulled towards him and kicked and eye gauged simultaneously.

That to me was way more effective IMO and was the least effort.

There was other moves that we kinda picked apart and asked, what is the best method for this and that and both felt a little discouranged from persuing my black belt in this style.

To its credit, I believe the locks are for teaching you about anotomy of locks and not about self defense you can take home from day one like other types of pure self defense classes.

Please give your feedback.

Sohn beaki wrist breakaways u learned the way to memorize them not how to use for real big difference I'm 3rd dahn 30 yrs training n teaching