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Sep 11, 2006
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Kidnapping Frank Trejo
By Rich_Hale - 05-13-2009 05:47 PM
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So, did I ever tell you about the time I kidnapped Frank Trejo?

It all started on a Wednesday morning when Mr. Parker casually told me to pick Frank up in Pasadena and bring him to the Santa Monica school the following evening. I knew a test was going to take place so I expected Frank, who was a 4th at the time, would be getting kicked to 5th. Mr. Parker didn&#8217;t tell me that, but some things are just really obvious.

This was all so exciting . . . to me anyway, but not to Frank, because when I went to Pasadena that evening and told him Mr. Parker told me to bring him to Santa Monica tomorrow he said no. No? I said. &#8220;Frank, you can&#8217;t say no to Mr. Parker.&#8221; He said, &#8220;I&#8217;m not, I&#8217;m saying no to you.&#8221;

I said, &#8220;Frank look, apparently I&#8217;m going to die tomorrow, because if you don&#8217;t show up Mr. Parker will kill me and if I try to make you go &#8211; you will kill me. So here&#8217;s the deal: You will have to kill me. Because I&#8217;d rather die at your hand doing what Mr. Parker told me to do, than to die at his hand for not doing what he told me to do.&#8221;

Eventually Frank gave in and said, &#8220;Okay what time will you be here to pick me up?&#8221; I told him 6 o&#8217;clock and I left.

Knowing Frank, I showed up the next day promptly at 3 o&#8217;clock in the afternoon. When I walked in Frank was sitting on the bench that than ran the length of the studio next to the mat. Looking up at me he was physically taken aback and in a somewhat nasty tone says, &#8220;What are you doing here?&#8221; I said, &#8220;I&#8217;m here to take you to Santa Monica.&#8221; He said, &#8220;You said you would be here at 6 o&#8217;clock.&#8221; I quickly said, &#8220;If I had shown up at 6 o&#8217;clock, would you have been here?&#8221; Just as quickly he says, &#8220;No!&#8221;

So, for the next three hours I stood watch over Frank. If he went to the office I would watch the front door. If he went to the bathroom, I&#8217;d watch the back door. If he got on the mat, I made it a point &#8220;NOT&#8221; to get on the mat with him.

We did make it to the Santa Monica school that night and Frank was kicked to 5th, as was Larry, just a moment later.

Now, I guess I should explain the rather unconventional stance Frank has taken in the accompanying photo, which I took that night. You see Frank decided to drop from the customary horse stance into a forward bow a split second before Mr. Parker kicked him. The stance you see him in was the end result of an (almost) immovable object (Frank) coming in contact with a (totally) irresistible force (Mr. Parker).

Years later, when I got around to asking Frank why he had dropped into a forward bow at the moment of impact, he just shook his head, smiled and said, &#8220;I have no idea.&#8221;

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