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Jun 24, 2012
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Upland, California

I would like to introduce our new training center in SoCal. We've named it the Primal Academy, partly because of our affinity for the "Primal lifestyle" (Mark Sisson), but mainly in reference to our training and teaching methods.

We are a satellite school of the JKD Wednesday Night Group and teach the following material:
- "Chinatown era" Jeet Kune Do
- Combatives (for lack of a better term) - Based on WW2 material and SE Asian martial arts mainly
- Stick and Knife with "c-Mighty Dog" (a blend of Pekiti Tirsia and Dog Brothers Martial Arts)

Privately, we also offer a comprehensive L.E.O. training program (arrest & control, firearms, etc.)

Primary instructors at our school are Steven Resell, Mike Blesch, and Yutthana Tokijkla ("c-Mighty Dog"). More information about us and our lineage can be found here:
Since we are a fairly new school we don't have testimonials yet from our students but we do have one from our instructor Tim Tackett.

It is not often that the Wed. Night Group makes an instructor, and it is even rarer that we have someone open a branch school. Mike Blesch and Steven Resell are two of our students that we thought so much of that we not only made them instructors but told them to open a satellite school. Both Mike and Steven have trained at both my and Jeremy Lynch's houses. They are very knowledgeable and are great teachers. They have both assisted me on seminars and have helped me teach in my garage class. If you are interested in Jeet Kune Do then the Primal Academy is a great choice.
-Tim Tackett

Here is a sample of a bit of the material we teach:


Primal Academy
1318 Monte Vista Ave #20
Upland, CA 91786
(909) 920-4350

Thank you for your time and consideration.