Just thought I'd throw a plug in for my instructor, Mr. Jason Arnold. The curriculum he covers is American Kenpo, Jeet Kune Do, and Modern Arnis.
His website can be found at:
He's available for seminars and private instruction.
You know, I was going to say that American Kenpo with JKD and Arnis was a fairly eclectic mix, until I rememberd that Dan Inosanto was a black belt under Ed Parker. To top it off, there is his obvious affiliation with JKD and his fairly well-known interest in FMA. Interesting how that parallels with your school!


Mr. Arnold teaches both privately and in seminars as well advises several schools. He also teaches and learns from Mr. Hartman his Arnis and teaches Kenpo to Mr. Hartman.

It's very kewl how the arts blend. However he has not stopped there and has started learning systema as well.
Hey, G.R., that link you put up appears to be dead. Typo?

Yep, that link worked...thanks!

Planas! I've heard of that guy. Wasn't he in contention with a couple of others over who would take over American Kenpo after Parker Sr. died?

Wish the site had more info...or just multimedia stuff like photos and vidclips.

Planas was considered to be one of the guys to take over the IKKA and the helm of American Kenpo when Ed Parker died. However it never came about and when asking him about it he never wanted to. He refuses rank to anything above 9th as he feels that Parker was the only guy to be there in American Kenpo even though others have tried to step up to that plate.

Planas is very low key and has no official orgaization although he works with any orgaization that asks. There is only a loose band of people that follow him but they are not in it for the rank, just the material. I've only seen Planas give rank twice maybe 3 times to people in the last 5 years or so. It's rare that he does.

If you get a chance to hit one of his seminars I would tell you to do it. He shoots, uses bullwhips, throws and uses knives, and much more.
I was impressed with the article I read on him several years ago...that's how I remembered his name. Also, he has a fairly distinctive face, so that was recognizable from the J.A.K.S photo page as well.

Isn't Larry Tatum another 9th Dan in American Kenpo? After Parker Sr. died, I don't know who has legitimate rank or not anymore. Has anyone 'stepped up' to take over the system?

Tatum knows his stuff. He is now a 10th. Under what recognition I do not know but does it matter anymore?

Huk chooses to be a 9th.

Either way even the current 10th only claim grandmastership. The old man is a SENIOR grandmaster and no one is stepping up to that plate.

There are so many associations and organizations it's just crazy now days in Kenpo.
That's interesting to know. I don't doubt that Tatum knows his Kenpo...was just wondering what was what, so to speak.

I gather from the fracturazation and numerous factions that Parker Sr. never designated a successor?

Nope. None where chosen. Although I am sure many will tell you they were.

There are a few who the old timers expected to be the one to take over but now a days with so many new people everyone thinks their organization has the "sheet" so to speak and that their guy is the man.

Tatum probably has the best technique vids out there that i have seen while Huk Planas has the best forms and sets tapes. But that is just my opinion.
I have not met them all, but as far as I can tell I would say that Huk Planas would be the closest thing to a rightful successor. Remember this is suppose to be a section on schools and the Kenpo forum is elsewhere.
Let them worry about who is going to be the sucessor. I have my own journey to worry about.

Hope you're ok from the car crash. I don't want to lose my verbal abuse partner.

your tripod site won't come up ??

check out the London Area Martial Arts Page here you can sign up for an events mailing list the cool thing here is that anybody can send a message to everybody on the list
Also there is a London area Classified Ads for selling stuff locally
I had computer problems earlier. Jaybacca is doing some renovations to his program and until he gets them done I'm holding off on a new page.
Originally posted by GouRonin

I had computer problems earlier. Jaybacca is doing some renovations to his program and until he gets them done I'm holding off on a new page.

The Bailing Wire and Electrical Tape and Hail MAry's are failing you Gou? I know it is pure pride and ego keeping that poor little thing running. Put it out to pasture, I loan you for ever my old K2/166 Machine. At least it has parts.:D

Let me know if it lives. :)

Stop making fun of the "Duct Tape Special!"
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