IRT Multiple Node Sticks Have Taken The World By Storm!

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Sep 9, 2004
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I must say I am a little shocked
with how well our multiple node sticks have been received around the world. As of this date I have shipped sticks to over forty countries and it seems to just keep growing every month. When I decided to begin making sticks again I knew that I had the best product out there. This was based on having bought sticks from all of my competitors in the past. It is just getting confirmed over and over again by my customers!
Look at this recent review from England.

These are the best sticks I have ever had. They have lasted months with no wear shown while other sticks I have used in the past wore out in weeks.

If you want our multiple node sticks, please understand that they are fire hardened, lacquered each one is made with love and care by a master craftsman! Best thing about this type of rattan is that it feels like a bolo. It is like you are holding a bladed weapon as the end where you hold slightly widen and curve.

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Each set of sticks is $30 plus tape
Purchase them at our store: IRT Store Products

IRT Multiple Node Sticks Have Taken The World By Storm! | The Instinctive Edge?
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