H.I.T.-training and martial arts


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Nov 17, 2006
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Lets begin with starting to introduce myself.
I am a 46 years guy from Holland, so sorry for my bad Englisch.
Since the age off 15 I practice all kinds off martial arts.
I have never paid much attention to special strengthtraining for martial arts, but since Internet I know you have to train your strength.
So I have tried everything, bodybuilding programms, Brook Rubik dinosaur training, bodyweight exercises etc.

Nothing seems to fit in. Most off the routines have to be done 3 times a week (thats more as my martial arts trianing is) and sometimes they were so demanding that I didnt have any energy left for my martial arts training.
So I trained 3 times a week strength, then martial arts and running, skipping rope etc.

Now I have bought the book High Intensity training the Mike Mentzer way because I know there are some martial artist who use the same workout.

Are there any other martial artsist outthere who have tried it to. And did you do then the splittraining as suggested in that book or whol body workouts and if so what kind off exercises etc.

Or maybay there are other martial artist outthere who have other routines that works good. I have read a lott to about olympic lifting etc. to.

Can anybody help me with puttine a good solid routine together wich I can use.

I am not to fat or to skinny. I am 1.86 m long and my weight is about 90 kilo.

I just want to get stronger and off course a little bit more musculair but it have to be a supplement of my martial arts training.

I dont have any pulley stuff, just a barbell, dumbells, lots off weights, a bench, I can do dips and I can do pull-ups.

Hope someone can help me.