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Sep 11, 2006
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The twelve commisioned Instructor of GM Velez
By Wilson - Sat, 21 Oct 2006 07:47:00 GMT
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(Quote from the original message of Mr. Langgaw sent to me in private)

Mr Ceniza,
Your input is very informative and interesting. I know Cebu is the heart of arnis activities in the Visayan region. I have a few questions though. What happened to the eleven subgroups? Do you still interact with them through gatherings or tournaments? Who are the heads of the other groups. Are they using colors to identify their group?. I am just surprised that no one responded to you input back there. I think they are focused more on the issue of weight distribution but I am interested with the rich history of your group/style.

Nagtahud gyud,

Langgaw :sword2:

Again, please do not reply to this email. You must go to the following page to reply to this private message:

Hello Mr. Langgaw,

First of all I thank you for reading my post. Here is the complete list of the twelve disciples of Grandmaster Teofilo Velez whom he commissioned to teach and spread out the Teovel Balintawaks way of fighting.

1. Chito Velez ? Green Chapter Club division
2. Monie Velez ? Blue Chapter
3. Eddie Velez - Violet Chapter
4. Nick Elizar ? White Chapter
5. Winnie de la Rosa ? Brown Chapter
6. Romeo de la Rosa ? Black Chapter
7. Nonato (Nene) Gaabucayan ? Gold Yellow Chapter
8. Faustino (Tonying) Patalinghug ? Purple Black Chapter
9. Bobby Elizar ? Orange Chapter
10. Joe Cavan ? Pink Chapter
11. Bobby Taboada Red Chapter and
12. Teofilo V. Roma my teacher assigned the Yellow Chapter.

The Mandaue City chapter club was coded in color yellow and was bearing the name as the Teovel Balintawak Self-defense Club Incorporated. It was assigned to Teofilo V. Roma, as he is a resident in the area. Monie Velez was coded in color blue assigned in Guadalupe Cebu City, Bobby Elizar in Labangon orange, Joe Cavan pink chapter in Inglis, Gm Pacito (Chito) Velez green chapter was assigned in Barrio Bulacao, Talisay City after he married and established residence in the area but now move to his new house in Barrio Lawaan also in Talisay City. Eddie Velez violet chapter in Central Cebu City, Nick Elizar white chapter assigned in Cabantan, Barrio Luz, Cebu City Wennie de la Rosa brown assigned in YMCA, Cebu City and Antonio (Tonying) Patalinghug purple black a resident in Mactan Island Cebu was assigned in Lapu-lapu City. Nonato (Nene) Gaabucayan gold yellow chapter was assigned in Lapu-lapu then transfer to Cagayan de Oro City his home province but he moved to Germany and lately to the U.S.A.. Romeo de la Rosa black migrated to Reno, Nevada, U.S.A. and established a branch club there, but recently returned home, I see him personally when visited us in our gym in one occasion.

Bobby Taboada assigned the red chapter club in absentia as he went to New Zealand in 1979 three years before the formal establishment of the Teovel Balintawak Arnis Group in 1982. That was then before he moved to Australia and eventually to North Carolina, U.S.A. I heard about Bobby Elizar and Joe Cavans Chapter clubs were merging with the white chapter headed by Nick Elizar. Monnie and Eddie Velez were teaching in private. During our founding anniversary the previous year of April 17, 2005, Chito, Tonying Patalinghug and Dr. Marapao were attending while others were only sending messages. Chito on that occasion requested us to make some check-up of our student and we let him do the check-up. Eddie Velez frequently visited us even without occasions. Bobby Taboada visited us in our gym last Nov. 26, 2005 upon his visit in the Philippines, accompanying with him was Rick Mithchell one of his Master Instructors. The following year last April 17, 2006 only Eddie Velez was attending while the other did not attend for some different reasons, but our celebration was very successful. I hope that in the coming year (April 17, 2007) on the occassion of our Silver Anniversary Foundation celebration, the twlelve original commisioned teacher of Gm Teofilo Velez of the Teovel Balintawak Arnis will all be gathering in fellowship here in the Philippines, together with their respective master Instructors. I am excited to meet all the Masters of the Teovel Balintawak Arnis in the whole world.


Wilson R. Ceniza


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