FMAT: Hello from Edmonton, and a question...

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Sep 11, 2006
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Hello from Edmonton, and a question...
By Blaze - 10-21-2008 12:04 AM
Originally Posted at: FMATalk


Hey everyone!

Michael here from Edmonton.

To make a long story short I've been fascinated with martial arts since I was a kid, and now that I'm almost 30 I'm finally getting my butt in gear to learn something. Naturally, my interest has been swayed in the direction of the FMA's, and Indonesian arts. They really are something!

I'm hoping you guys can help me figure out what my training options are in Edmonton, Alberta. I've been to watch two classes so far at and (also teaches Kuntao/Silat concepts and FMA weapons). But I'm sure there has to be more out there that's not advertised.

Any masters out there not really teaching anymore, perhaps doing private instruction? Or other schools I haven't come across?

I know about Real Self Defense Center and Calen, but it looks like he's teaching more of an MMA class now with some FMA thrown in.

Any help or advice you can share at all would be appreciated.


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