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Sep 11, 2006
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Kong-Fu Vs. MMA? LOL
By Tant01 - 12-06-2008 02:37 AM
Originally Posted at: Deluxe Forums


Originally Posted by TTEscrima (Post 311925)
It seems to me if you'd seen a man who could whip 10 men, you'd hardly be impressed by a man who couldn't whip one boxer.

He relied on the flower (flashy/pretty/"looks" like KF) and had very little fruit (sustenance).

... :cool: Here's a hint, "good" KF doesn't need to "look" like anything except a fight. A general rule is, if its "pretty" it doesn't work. Fighting applications aren't flashy, they're either rooted in the basic's done VERY well or you're buying your own ********. Without a proper root, NO "Martial art/Style" is functional. ...

How about we do this, lets leave the MMA part out of this, leave their forum, lets go to the CMA forum where this belongs, and discuss your ideas, concepts theories and favorite videos that you think show good KF.

BTW, since you're a KF guy, your **** talking belongs in the CMA forums, unless... you're just looking for confrontation, in which case, trust me, you can find PLENTY of that in the CMA forums.;)

Thought about moving the whole thread down here... still might?


Interesting side note... I know the words "flower" and "fruit" by different names. I may have left that in the silat forum? Oh well.:eek:

Press on.


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